AuPoint is the beginning of a new adventure.  Based in Long Island and serving the tri-state area in New York. Vince and Brenda are considered two equally focus, creative and entrepreneur persons. When they got married in 2011 they decided to pursue they dreams and passions. Vince in company with Brenda his wife and best friend, started this new path in their life with one goal, capture the same magic, romance and love they have for each other on each picture they take. 


A bit about Vince…

    Creativity comes natural to him. Since Hight School he has being involve in Theater and music, as well as three year studying photography. He graduated as an Industrial Engineer and have been working in the glass industry for 12 years. Even thought life has brought him through out a different path that he imagined, he never stopped his passion. Taking picture now and then about simple things in life, he is now committed to create, capture, and provide with love those moments, that are far the most important of our life: weddings. His style can be define as as story teller, using light, composition, dimension and texture on his photos. 


A bit about Brenda….

     She is someone that can’t stop thinking about what can she do to be unique and different. She is a dreamer but at the same time realistic. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and worked in different areas of the hospitality industry, hotel, restaurant; specially catering halls as well as as  chocolatier. As you can see for her background she loves people and specially food. All this get translated in one thing, she has an understanding of what people love, care and want. While working in catering halls she noticed the beauty of a wedding event. The flowers, the light, the food, the color, but specially the moments, people faces and reactions. Is when she decided a long with her husband to capture all these moments and all the details that involve the greatest event of people’s life. Now her life is their son Oliver and AuPoint Photography.



Together, Vince and Brenda has created AuPoint Photography to provided you with excellent and professional pictures that will bring back memories, moments, and happiness. They work to improve and to always achieve their main goal, “Bring you back in time which each time you look at your wedding pictures!”.