Diane & Ricky

We had a very emotive wedding in New Jersey in April. It was a cocktail of feelings: the excitement of the big day for Diane & Ricky, adrenaline rushing throughout our bodies. All these are pretty normal on a wedding day, but something happened that I wasn't expecting at all. 

The night before my wife and I were staying at the hotel in New Jersey, when at the middle of the night my wife woke me up with a sharp pain in the lower back. To make the long story short, it ended up being a kidney infection and she had to stay at the hospital for 3 days. The morning of the wedding I had slept barely a couple of hours but went to photograph one of the most important days in Diane & Ricky's life. 

Even though I was very tired, the emotions were present all the time and produced very nice photographs. This wedding was a very good occasion to think of my wife, who was supporting me more than ever and to thank God that He sent her into my life.

Diane and Ricky, thank you for the big honor of being part of your wedding, for the confidence and good moments. It was a great wedding with a lot of joy tears, laughs and very special moments every second. God bless you guys!