Brenda & Albert's Engagement Session and Wedding

It's been a while since my last post. A lot of things have been going on lately but finally I have the opportunity to sit and write a few lines. 

A few weeks a go we had the opportunity to photograph Brenda & Albert's engagement session. Central Park was our location and the day couldn't be more perfect. We loved this session, a lot of laughs and good pictures. A lot of walking as well (my wife would remember this since she was pregnant at that time!). Anyways, here is the link to the pictures:

After a few weeks, this lovely couple got married in NYC. Now the location was the 6BC Botanical Garden. If you haven't been in that place, go and visit, its a hidden jewel! What a beautiful wedding they had, very intimate, unique and beautiful ceremony. We had a very good time. Brenda and Albert, we wish you the best and God bless your marriage.

You can see the pictures here:

More to come...

Thanks, Vince. 

Emma Rose Baptism

A few weeks ago we had the honor to photograph Emma Rose Baptism. I think it was the last weekend of really cold weather in NY. The church was full of babies and proud parents. I have to say that our little client, Emma Rose, was the most beautiful baby in that place.

Emma Rose right before her turn, Isn't she cute? :)

Emma Rose right before her turn, Isn't she cute? :)

We love to photograph babies, happy parents, strangers... well... we just love to photograph period! 

So let me stop talking and show you a few photographs of that special day. 

Diana & Jonathan, congratulations for that special day for Emma Rose!

Hope you enjoy it and until next time! ;)

Daniela & Ricardo Engagement Session

I know I showed some of the pictures of the wedding before the Engagement Session, I just couldn't helped it and I really needed to show them first.

Well, here are some of the Engagement Session photographs taken last week in Guadalajara, Mexico. As I have already mentioned, this couple is amazing. They radiate love everywhere and you can tell they were meant to be together. I don't have to say more, as you see the photographs will see what I'm talking about. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. Enjoy.


Daniela + Ricardo Wedding

March 12, 2014. After a few days of hard work (as always we do) all the photographs are now finished. Please stop by and show some love to the team of AuPoint Photography. Click on the images to go through all the photographs. Enjoy and God Bless You All.

We had a great time at Daniela & Ricardo Wedding. A lot of fun, laughs and joy tears. Go to the Weddings Section in and see the sneak peek of this gorgeous wedding.

The engagement Session pictures are also on their way!



A Perfect Day in Central Park

During these cold days, our memory wants to go to those days were we can feel warm. I'm a person who has learned to enjoy every station of the year in despite of the extreme cold or humidity.

The following image was taken last summer, while scouting Central Park. I have never get in on one of those boats but certainly one day I will.

I hope you enjoy it the same way as I do.

God bless.


Central Park 2013 - AuPoint Photography